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Master Your Business Courses

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Are you having trouble finding someone to help you with your accounting or finance homework? Are you needing to crunch for a big exam? Are you looking for a mentor that will guide you through the business realm? Ritz Tutoring wants to help you find the perfect business tutor today!

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Not Your Average Accounting / Finance Tutors

Do you struggle in accounting or finance courses? Keep reading...

Let's be real; finding a good college business tutor can be downright frustrating. Far too often, you end up with someone just as clueless as you are, trying to figure out how to teach you accounting or finance in a way that you can actually comprehend. But that's where Ritz Business Tutoring comes in - we're not your average college business tutor.

Ritz Business Tutors aren't just random students who aced their classes and decided to make a quick buck. In fact, our tutors are highly skilled professionals who know their stuff.  We know the topics like the back of our hand and how to teach in a way that makes sense to you.


Don't hesitate to book a free consulting session to learn how can Ritz Tutoring help you! We stand by the quality of our service. Book your first session now! If you're not fully satisfied, ask for a refund within 30 days. no questions asked. 


Ayham can easily explain complex topics and relate information to real-world situations. Has a deep understanding of financial topics and formulas. I would recommend Ayham to any level of finance student.


Ayham has a mastery of the information and a very down to earth way of communicating key points. I am very impressed.


Ayham is extremely knowledgeable in Financial Accounting and Economics. His support has been extremely valuable. He's great at explaining difficult concepts by breaking them down to real life examples. He's very patient and encouraging. I also found him to be very flexible. I highly recommend.

Abstract Background

Have access to a laptop and a Wi-Fi- network? Great! Get the attention you need with one-on-one lessons from one of our financial experts. Our accounting tutors are not only experts in the field of finance but also trained tutoring professionals

Ritz Tutoring Is For You If…
  • You feel overwhelmed

  • Lack motivation

  • Struggle with finance and accounting classes

  • Feel like everyone is smarter than you

  • Are worried about your grades

  • Desperately want to excel in school

  • Are considering switching majors

  • Struggle understanding topics and lectures

Schedule Your Session Today

Our trained tutors adapt to your individualized learning style and walk you through your educational struggles step by step - acting as your mentor. With positive reinforcement and intrinsic motivators, we help to motivate and grow your ambitions. Don't believe us? Our tutors have tutored and mentored over 100 students from top schools in Boston like MIT, BU, Boston College & Northeastern. So choose Ritz Tutoring for all your finance tutoring needs, and slay your finals this year!

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