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  • What subjects do Ritz Tutoring tutors teach?
    We are specialized in tutoring business courses. Our tutors teach accounting courses including financial accounting, principles of accounting, cost accounting, managerial accounting, and other accounting courses. We also teach finance courses including financial management, international finance, introduction to finance, principles of finance, financial markets and investment, advanced managerial finance, portfolio management, real estate finance, and other finance courses.
  • What is our mission?
    Our mission is to offer reasonably priced business tutoring that gets results. We want to help you understand tricky concepts now, get better grades, and become successful professionals.
  • Why should you invest in a tutor?
    Tutoring is beneficial to those students in a classroom that can’t keep up or need a challenge. When a student is struggling, the attention of one-to-one instructions is proven to increase performance, confidence, and ability. Students above average who need extra work can find a tutor to create coursework designed to promote academic growth.
  • Where do Ritz Tutoring tutors teach?
    You must have a laptop and access to Wi-Fi to take a lesson with one of our tutors. Our interactive platform works seamlessly with your needs as a student. Schedule or cancel classes with the touch of a button. Gain access to your tutor’s review and class notes through our software application. Your business tutor will share feedback and notes for you to keep after each lesson.
  • What is business tutoring?
    Business tutoring focuses on the popular FAME subjects (Finance, Accounting, Management, and Economics). From derivatives to financial statements, our business tutoring service is here to tackle those challenging problems.
  • Who are our business tutors?
    We vet our tutors to verify their financial education and experience. Many of our tutors are masters in their field. However, to become a business teacher on our platform, a finance expert must be willing to learn the art of tutoring. Our tutors train for one-on-one instruction.
  • What do we look for in a business teacher?
    Our team combines knowledgeable finance and accounting experts with enthusiastic tutors. It’s essential to have an expert in the field of business that has been trained in tutoring. We provide tutoring training to all of our financial experts.
  • What makes a great tutor?
    Great tutors garner the best results. The essential traits of a successful tutor are patience, flexibility, availability, honesty, high energy, and humility. You will find these traits in our finance tutors.
  • What if my tutor isn’t a great fit?
    Do not worry. If your tutor is not the best fit we will refund your session cost and connect you with a new tutor. No questions asked. Refunds should be requested within 7 days of the session.
  • How much is each one-on-one lesson?
    Each tutor’s lesson will vary at a cost per hour. You can opt for monthly or semester subscription rates to cut costs.
  • How do I begin?
    Apply through our website, and we will get you connected with a financial expert today!
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